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                1-   Nothing would please me more, but who else would pump the oil that we 
                      need?God damn America.
                      ( In Response to a question on expelling Americans from Libya (March 1973)
                      quoted in Time 2 April 1973) "The Arab World: Oil, Power, Violence")

         2-    I have nothing to say to him (Ronald Reagan), because he is mad. 
               He is foolish. He is an Israeli dog.
               (Interview with Marie Colvin, 20 June 1986. Sun-Sentinel)

         3-    When I met Nasser, he said to me, "I see myself when I was young in you. You 
              are the future for the Arab revolution." This meant very, very much to me.
              (The Pittsburgh Press (3 August 1986)

        4-      Lincoln was a man who created himself from nothing without any help from
               outside or other people. I followed his struggles. I see certain similarities
               between him and me.
                 (The Pittsburgh Press (3 August 1986)

        5-    We (Libyans) support the Palestinian resistance, and all the world supports
              this. We support their just cause, but we are against terrorism.
 (The Pittsburgh Press (3 August 1986)

6-  Americans are good people. They have no aggression against us and they like us as we like them. They must know I don't hate them. I love them.…
I hear it is a complex society inside. Many Americans don't know about the outside world. The majority have no concern and no information about other people. They could not even find Africa on a map. I think Americans are good, but America will be taken over and destroyed from the inside by the Zionist lobby. The Americans do not see this. They are getting decadent. Zionists will use this to destroy them.
 (The Pittsburgh Press (3 August 1986)

          7-    Reagan is mad. If he were here, I would tell him the truth about us. 
               He hears about us only through hostile sources. 
              (Remarks quoted in The Pittsburgh Press (3 August 1986) "Gadhafi,
              the man the world loves to hate" by Marie Colvin (UPI)

        8-     Reagan plays with fire. He doesn't care about international peace. 
              he plays as if he was in the theater. Reagan wants to dominate the world.
              He wants to find justification to make war. If he does this, if it goes on like 
              this, a cataclysm will take place. Reagan should come and see that I am 
             not a terrorist in a trench with a grenade in my pocket.
             (The Pittsburgh Press (3 August 1986)
           "Gadhafi, the man the world loves to hate" by Marie Colvin (UPI)
       9-     My brother! You are my brother for the rest of my life.
             (Gaddafi expressing his gratitude to Nicolai Ceausescu after receiving
             a Romanian translation of the Koran, quoted in Red Horizons: 
             Chronicles of a Communist Spy Chief (1987) by Ion Mihai Pacepa, p. 101)

       10-  I do not support peace in the Middle East. And I do not support Arafat. He is a
             stupid, incompetent fool. The stupid fool is a zealot, a warrior, and a clever
            one. But he doesn't accomplish anything.
            (Remarks quoted in Red Horizons:
            Chronicles of a Communist Spy Chief (1987) by Ion Mihai Pacepa, p. 110)


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