Wednesday, 20 March 2013

FIRST SPEECH OF GENERAL ZIA UL HAQ (When he came in to Power)

(The portion of his first speech, when he came in to power)

“The reaction is this takeover has so far been very encouraging. Streams of congratulatory massages have been pouring in from different quarters. I am grateful for this to my nation as well as to Momin [Pure Muslim] Armed Forces of Pakistan. The Army takeover is never a pleasant act because the Armed Forces of Pakistan only wants that the administration of the country should remain in the hand of representatives of the people, who are its real masters. The people exercise this right through their elected representatives, who are chosen in every democratic country, through periodic elections. But I genuinely feel that the survival of this country lies in democracy and democracy alone. I want to make it absolutely clear that neither I have any political ambition, nor does the Army want to be detracted from its profession of soldiering. I was obliged to step in, to fill in the vacuum created by the political leaders. I have accepted this challenge as a true soldier of Islam. My Sole aim is to organize free elections, which would be held in October of this year. I give solemn assurance that I will not deviate from the schedule”

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