Wednesday, 20 March 2013

FIRST SPEECH of GENERAL AYUB KHAN (When he came in to Power)

(The portion of his first speech, when he came in to power)

“This is a drastic and extreme step when with great reluctance, but with fullest conviction that there was no alternative to is except the disintegration and complete ruination of the country. History would never have forgiven us if the present chaotic conditions were allowed to go on any further. Let me announce in no uncertain terms that our ultimate aim is to restore democracy. But of the type that people can understand and work. When the time comes, your opinion will be freely asked. But when that will be, events alone can tell”

He concluded by saying a word for the “disruptionists, Political opportunists, smugglers, black marketers and others….

“The soldiers and the peoples are sick of the sight of you, so it will be good for your health to turn a new leaf and begin to behave. Otherwise, retribution will be swift and sure”

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